ACCENIUS, is a multinational software technologies corporation. The company researches and develops quantum artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and data analytics software technologies.


Our journey started more than a decade ago with our first analytics software development OPEHRA. The platform was developed for reporting data analytics for infectious disease surveillances and other biological threats. We were selected by the National Institute of Health (NIH) small business innovation research (SBIR) to provide a commercially available, widely accessible data transfer tool equipped to improve case reporting on infectious diseases by connecting and automatically abstracting case information from the provider?s native electronic medical record (EMR) system.


We offer a full spectrum of neural network technological services. Our aim is to help organizations simulate complex data solutions and harness the power of emerging tools and technologies. We combine business industry insights with technology that simplifies the way we think and work.

Our current research focuses on scientific AI as well as Machine Language (ML) for intelligent automation and decision support for complex systems. These systems are needed to strengthen computational models and adaptive algorithms for scientific advances. By using these new techniques and software tools we harness the computing technology and in so doing explore practical applications for business and the bioscience community.

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